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Walkthrough (PC) Oct 6 2000 DarkAgez 19.6 kb
Item Description FAQ (PC) Dec 10 2002 DTJAAAAMJS 25.2 kb 6.0

Video Walkthroughs and Guides

Baldurs Gate Tales Of The Sword Coast Walkthrough VideosTotal number of 26 videos by DukeVerde (09:37:59)
Durlag's Tower, it gets harder.(00:24:03)Apr 09 2012
Remember kids, never help a Succubus.(00:21:13)Apr 09 2012
Durlag's Basement, it just got Harder.(00:22:45)Apr 11 2012
Grapes of Wrath(00:23:37)Apr 12 2012
I hate Dopplegangers.(00:22:29)Apr 12 2012
Four Cardinal Sins.(00:23:17)Apr 13 2012
Second floor, Did I mention I hate dopplegangers?(00:22:17)Apr 15 2012
Did I mention I hate Dopplegangers?(00:22:16)Apr 16 2012
Commentary resumes!(00:23:42)Apr 17 2012
Third Floor-Pain, agony and death.(00:23:14)Apr 20 2012
The wonders of Fission...(00:22:56)Apr 21 2012
Thermo-nuclear Chess.(00:24:55)Apr 23 2012
Riddles and lots of pain.(00:24:49)Apr 24 2012
Fourth Floor cont, Tongues of fire, compasses and lingerie.(00:21:46)Apr 26 2012
Final riddle.(00:20:49)Apr 26 2012
Demons, Cultists and Power Word: OMG(00:23:05)Apr 27 2012
More wacky cultists, blue blue.(00:21:30)Apr 27 2012
Death Spree, I'm not joking, also Aec-letec.(00:21:24)Apr 28 2012
Iceland(00:23:43)Apr 30 2012
Insano Wiz and getting lost.(00:23:54)May 03 2012
Sea Charts Pain=????(00:22:42)Jun 19 2012
Welcome, to Lycastic Park.(00:19:16)Jun 19 2012
Resilient Sphere is actually useful!(00:22:39)Jun 19 2012
Boarding Balduran's Ship(00:22:51)Jun 19 2012
The truth revealed.(00:21:10)Jun 20 2012
And once again, the day is saved.(00:11:37)Jun 20 2012
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