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Participate in memorable Star Wars battles set in over 15 environments across 10 diverse planets including Hoth, Geonosis, Yavin, Tatooine and Naboo. Players will be able to select one of over 20 different soldier types from four factions: Rebel Alliance, Imperial Army, Clone Army and Droid Army.

In addition to the single-player and various multiplayer modes offered in Star Wars Battlefront, a "Conquest" mode adds an innovative and strategic gameplay element to the action.


  • Three single player modes including "Instant Action," "Galactic Conquest" and the story-based "Historical Campaigns" mode.
  • Multiplayer for up to 16 players (plus AI units) online.
  • Split-screen mode for multiplayer 'offline' play.
  • Battle in more than 12 environments across 10 diverse planets from the classic Trilogy and Clone Wars eras including Hoth, Endor, Tatooine, Kamino and Geonosis.
  • 20 different soldier types from 4 factions: Rebel Alliance, Galactic Empire, Republic Clone Army and Separatist Battle Droids. Soldier types include standard infantry, scouts, heavy weapons and pilots - each will have their own unique abilities.
  • More than 30 Star Wars weapons including blaster rifles, rocket launchers and thermal detonators, in addition to ground-based turret guns that can be manned and used to defend command posts.
  • More than 25 diverse ground and air vehicles including the AT-ST, X-Wing, and speeder bike, as well as the massive Republic Gunship that can hold up to five different soldiers.
Another scratched disc, can't play any of the old school battles. Just Droids and Clones. xD I need SW:BF II now! StarWarsBattlefront PC
very good game, story mode(campaign) not all that. but galactic conquest mode spot on. StarWarsBattlefront PS2
Nice game.Great stages,but you can't roll. StarWarsBattlefront PS2
An original that was incredibly fun to play. StarWarsBattlefront PS2
not as good as the second one in my oppion StarWarsBattlefront PS2
Good Missing some stuff though StarWarsBattlefront PS2
A lot of fun hours with J Bro on this StarWarsBattlefront PS2
One of my favorite shooter games StarWarsBattlefront PS2
bugs out in instant action world select. StarWarsBattlefront PS2
completed, fun, still play StarWarsBattlefront PS2
i want this game but i dont have any type of xbox StarWarsBattlefront PS2
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