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Having defeated the evil wizard Sordid in Simon the Sorcerer, Simon thought his life would return to normal. But alas, his life gets turned upside down when the once-vanquished Sordid comes back from the dead with revenge on his mind.

Sordid has rebuilt his Fortress of Doom and has a new robotic body. But instead of fetching its intended target, a magical wardrobe finds its way to Calypso's doorstep, the same Calypso that Simon had to save in the original. To power the wardrobe, Simon needs to find a fuel known as mucusade, which will also help him get home.

Once again, Simon has gotten himself stuck in a land of fractured fairytales, material recycled off a comedian's gag reel and a variety of clichés!
Oct 13, 11 2:14pm
The second part of the creative speaking himself out of (or into) trouble simon. The first was good, but this one was better. SimonTheSorcerer2 PC
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