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This will be Maxis's first Sim City game since the very successful Sim City 4 back in 2003 and with it being nearly a decade since that release we all hope that it will be worth the wait for number 5. The main concept of Sim City is a City Building simulation where you act as the mayor of your own town juggling the many issues like zoning for residential, commercial and industrial sectors, public services, traffic, utilities, infrastructure and loads more while at the same time trying to keep money in the bank.

New Features

Glass Box Engine

On previous games of Sim City the game simulated statistics like water, electric, traffic, pollution etc then used graphics to represent these within the game. With the new Glass Box Engine instead of this each worker, power, coal etc is represented by a agent within the game so for example rather than simply displaying a traffic jam animation to represent a simulated traffic flow issue, traffic jams are instead produced dynamically by masses of Sim agents that actually travel to and from work


This will be the first Sim City game to embrace multiplayer since Sim City 2000 as a single region will be able to host multiple city. In these regions their will be many benefits and drawbacks of having a number of citys in and around you. The benefits include working together to build works like a solar power plant that can benefit a whole region or a international airport, assistance to neighbors via fire or police forces. Negatives could be pollution or crimes spreading over from from a neighbor so remember your decisions will impact not just you but your whole region.

Their is also a new simulated global economy which will affect the price of raw products like oil, ore, coal, metal and much more. All this will fluctuate in real time as real in game demands effect the prices

Their is the option of starting different ways so a single player private region, a private region with friends or a public region.

Constructable Worlds

Ploppables allow the player to upgrade buildings with extra modules to increase its use some examples include extra garages for fire stations, college dorms as well as additions to police stations, hospitals, manufacturing plants and many more.

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