Build your real estate empire from the ground up with SimTower. As owner and landlord of the building, your objective is to construct and develop a balanced and profitable commercial property by leasing space inside for apartments, offices, restaurants, and shops. Name your tenants and watch their everyday activities to plan improvements to your building's design. Terrorists, fire, and even a visiting VIP pile on more fun as you build your way to a 5-star, 100-story, self-contained city in a skyscraper.


You are the owner of your own building. Building your tower by constructing penthouses, suites, and office spaces in each floor and providing adaquete amenities and services to keep the guests in the tower comfortable and happy is the key to success in this simulation. The goal toward 5 Star and tower rating all depend on your tower's day to day population. By each rating earned, you may earn more even more amenities to liven up your tower even more.
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