Osmos is all about the beauty of simplicity. You're a mere mote, and you have to absorb other motes to grow and gain dominance. You'll be thrown into a world with varying goals, where you will encounter other motes also on the path to dominance. It's your goal to overcome these obstacles in an ambient world of minimalism.

Game Play

The game throws up an interesting health system. As you absorb motes you get bigger, but as you expel energy to move around the map, you begin to shrink again. In essence, the game is all about finding the right time and then making the right move. It also has an interesting time control feature, where you can slow down or speed things up to suit your gameplay.


Hardware Info

These Humble Bundles tend to get better over time, and it looks like the Android bundle has expanded by four more... posted Aug 22, 12 3:05pm

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