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Get ready for the ultimate battle! When the brutal fighting contest known as Mortal Kombat erupts once again between our world and Outworld, a dark land of evil monsters and darkness, you will have to prepare for the battle of the lifetime as you fight through the tournament to try and prevent the dark beings of Outworld from claiming Earth for their next domain. Choose from a variety of fighters and prepare for the ultimate fighting game challenge as you must face the demonic opposition in brutal deathmatches as you climb the ranks to the tournament, searching for victory and the protection of your Earth itself...

Shang Tsung, an evil wizard, is intent on taking over Earth and turning it into a Shadow Realm but in order to do so he must fight against Earth's best fighters in a tournament to the death.


- The game includes eight playable characters
- Unique settings
- Dozens of special moves
- Vicious Fatalities

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May 27, 13 6:20am
win the tournament the EarthRealm will be saved.If they lose the EarthRealm will be taken over by the evil Shang Tsung MortalKombat
May 17, 12 6:37pm
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