A story-driven 3D game, Max Payne tells the tale of a cop who must investigate the murder of his family while dodging the suspicions of a separate murder he's framed for. Max has to comb the moonlight streets while searching for the mafia thugs, street punks, and seedy freaks who may or may not have information on why he's been framed or who killed his family.

Hardware Requirements

Minimum System Requirements

Processor: 400MHz
RAM: 128MB
Graphics: 16MB
Mac OS: 9.1
Hard Disk: 900MB
Drive: CD-ROM
Input: Mouse
Recommended System Requirements

Processor: 550MHz
RAM: 256MB
Graphics: 32MB
Mac OS: 10.2
Hard Disk: 900MB
Drive: CD-ROM
Input: Multi-button Mouse

PPC and Intel

This game was designed for PPC, but will run well on Intel processors
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