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Lords of Xulima (pronounced "Shu-lima"), takes place in a lost continent where the world's makers had lived in ancient times. After the mortal King of Xulima disappeared, his four heirs divided the continent to conquer and spoil for their own profit. The temples of the forgotten gods were invaded by their armies and transformed into prisons.
Chaos reigned over the lands, and terrible creatures wandered free.

One of the Ancient gods, Golot the Master of Dreams and Works, became disturbed by what had become of his former homeland . He decided to intervene and chose a human man to restore order to the land of Xulima.

Game Play

Isometric, single-player role-playing game with turn-based combat.


*Create a party with up to six characters, choosing from 10 classes and more than 100 unique skills.
  • Strategic turn-based combat in first person view.
*A vast continent to explore, with different environments and climates.

*Hand-drawn 2D graphics for landscapes and maps, mixed with 3D pre-rendered animations for creatures and monsters.

*Languages: English, Spanish.

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