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The League of Legends 2014 World Championship is culminating in South Korea, where finals will... posted Sep 17, 14 2:26pm

Azir debuted today in League of Legends, and to herald the Emperor of the Sands' return, Riot... posted Sep 16, 14 1:37pm

Today's League of Legends update brings alive the sands of Shurima, with the "Ascension"... posted Sep 10, 14 4:02pm

Each region's qualifiers have wrapped up. Several western teams are already in Korea... posted Sep 08, 14 11:27am

There's a lot going on in League of Legends lately, and through it all, Riot managed to sneak... posted Aug 26, 14 1:54pm

The long-rumored Ascension game mode has now been confirmed and details for League of Legends.... posted Aug 26, 14 3:21pm

With the League of Legends North American LCS for Season 4 currently underway, Riot Games took... posted Aug 25, 14 2:10pm

Gnar is almost here, Summoners, so Riot has a new League of Legends Champion Spotlight to... posted Aug 12, 14 11:19am

Today Riot Games notified the most successful League of Legends players in the world of... posted Aug 11, 14 6:49pm

Six new League of Legends summoner icons were released today alongside several other Team... posted Jul 30, 14 6:18pm

Riot's quite clearly excited for their next  League of Legends champion release. Gnar, who was... posted Jul 29, 14 12:20pm

In their neverending war against toxic League of Legends players, Riot have begun testing a new... posted Jul 21, 14 10:15pm

Presentation is everything, and when it comes to the new League of Legends Mecha Aatrox and... posted Jul 11, 14 1:20am

Let's take a moment from the craziness of E3 to appreciate this new League of Legends skin,... posted Jun 10, 14 11:08pm

League of Legends visual updates are always amazing to see, and today, the devs at Riot Games... posted Jun 05, 14 2:18pm

The new Summoner's Rift looks awesome Redemption LeagueOfLegends PC

Riot today released the League of Legends monthly bundles for May, on the last week of the... posted May 29, 14 1:08pm

Looks like Patch 4.8 is on its way to League of Legends, bringing with it a handful of changes... posted May 21, 14 11:40pm

Among League of Legends' list of champions, there are some that quite clearly need visual... posted May 20, 14 9:06pm

Dragonslayer Pantheon graced League of Legends with his arrival today, joining the recently... posted May 15, 14 4:28pm

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