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League of Legends is celebrating the arrival of DJ Sona, the MOBA's newest Ultimate tier... posted Feb 25, 15 12:22pm

A new interactive teaser has found its way to the League of Legends website today, likely... posted Feb 19, 15 3:33pm

Today, League of Legends brings a new Featured Game Mode, the Nemesis Draft, into play. Prepare... posted Feb 12, 15 11:01am

A few new League of Legends skins have shown up on the PBE, including a lovely Heartseeker... posted Jan 27, 15 12:45pm

Amumu might just be the saddest yet most adorable champion found in League of Legends, and what... posted Jan 26, 15 4:34pm

Today, Riot revealed a new Void creature for the League of Legends roster, and she is truly as... posted Nov 25, 14 1:26pm

Kalista hasn't been out for very long, but Riot already has a new League of Legends teaser for... posted Nov 24, 14 12:19pm

From attending classes at the University of British Columbia to living in Los Angeles at the... posted Nov 04, 14 6:05pm

Halloween may be over, but the spirit still lingers in League of Legends. The newest champion,... posted Nov 04, 14 1:11pm

Happy Halloween, Summoners. League of Legends has wrapped up its most recent eSports season,... posted Oct 24, 14 12:40pm

League of Legends' newest legendary skin, Dunkmaster Darius, has arrived. You can grab him now... posted Oct 13, 14 1:17pm

Riot artists are getting clever with their League of Legends teasers. Some new teaser images... posted Sep 30, 14 12:52pm

An new League of Legends teaser surfaced today, and all signs are pointing to that Sion rework... posted Sep 22, 14 1:40pm

The League of Legends 2014 World Championship is culminating in South Korea, where finals will... posted Sep 17, 14 2:26pm

Azir debuted today in League of Legends, and to herald the Emperor of the Sands' return, Riot... posted Sep 16, 14 1:37pm

Today's League of Legends update brings alive the sands of Shurima, with the "Ascension"... posted Sep 10, 14 4:02pm

Each region's qualifiers have wrapped up. Several western teams are already in Korea... posted Sep 08, 14 11:27am

There's a lot going on in League of Legends lately, and through it all, Riot managed to sneak... posted Aug 26, 14 1:54pm

The long-rumored Ascension game mode has now been confirmed and details for League of Legends.... posted Aug 26, 14 3:21pm

With the League of Legends North American LCS for Season 4 currently underway, Riot Games took... posted Aug 25, 14 2:10pm

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