: : : : : Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos


Can you stop the evil mastermind Dr. Chaos as he embarks on a global initiative of doom and destruction? Bent on seeking out and jeopardizing classified data, the mad doctor's criminal exploits grow by the minute. Follow his trail through many glamorous world-wide locations, including Moscow, London, Hollywood, Tokyo and more! Locate all the items that he has corrupted, and use your intuitive investigative skills to bring him to his final justice!


At each beginning of a level, you're given a random list of items to find. Your time is limited for doing so. Once you spot a object in the list, you have to click on it. If you're stuck, you can still use hints. The settings are cities, once you've finished with the levels for it, you get a minigame: spot the differences.

Hardware Requirements

CPU: G3 400MHz
RAM: 128 MB
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