: : : : : Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis


This game takes you on a fast paced adventure to find the lost continent of Atlantis. This game has 3 different paths, a team path in which Indy and Sophie work together to solve the mystery, a wits path with Indy by himself most of the way, and an action-oriented fists path.


  • CD
  • For Macintosh computers only!
  • CD-ROM enhanced edition, with full voiceover and digital sound effects!
  • Explore over 200 spectacular locations - point & click your way through fistfights, puzzles, balloon rides, car chases, and Indy one-liners.
  • Play bumper cars with Gestapo kidnappers. Soar across the vast Sahara in search of mysterious ruins. Capture a Nazi sub and find Atlantis' secret air lock. Hot-foot it across a sizzling lava pit. Repair an ancient doomsday machine... carefully.
  • A LucasArts classic, always on computer game magazines' "Top 100 games of all time" lists.
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