Futuristic Detroit was devastated by a chemical war, leaving 99% of the world's population unable to produce offspring. With the small number of fertile people still left to help the survival of the human race, these people have started to mysteriously vanish. Players take on the role of a detective investigating the disappearances.

Game Play

HARVEST is a Graphic Adventure game similar to Snatcher and the Phoenix Wright series. Everything in Harvest is operated through menus. Basic commands are used, such as Look, Investigate and Move.

There are also shooting actions sequences throughout the game.


*Beautifully painted, Hi-Resolution artwork

*Engrossing gameplay and story

*Digitally-Orchestrated soundtrack

*Fully voiced cast of characters

Hardware Info

Couple days left on Kickstarter for this cyberpunk adventure inspired by Snatcher Harvest PC
"Snatcher" style cyberpunk adventure game has 4 days left on Kickstarter: Harvest PC
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