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Goat Simulator is a tongue-in-cheek adventure game where players become a goat in a open world sandbox environment ready to explore and make a mess of as they see fit. There are collectibles and easter eggs hidden throughout the world to find using the goat's abilities. The goat can run, jump and even use its prehensile and very sticky tongue to latch onto and swing from most any object in the world.

Goat Simulator began as a joke project by developer Coffee Stain Studios in January 2014 to practice using Unreal Engine 3, but quickly garnered popularity after builds of the game were showcased on the internet. Based on the positive reaction, Coffee Stain Studios would flesh out the prototypes into a full product intended for digital distribution.

The game launched on Valve's Steam platform on April Fool's Day with support for user mods via the Steam Workshop. Goat Simulator has since been ported from PC to Xbox One, and even iOS and Android mobile platforms. Coffee Stain Studios' support for the title extended all the way to November 2014, when it released a v1.20 patch that introduces a new "Goat MMO Simulator" mode for the main game.

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