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Football Manager 2010 features a brand new User Interface, with a light and a dark skin to choose from as part of a vibrant new look and has undergone a complete navigational overhaul. The side bar navigation of previous years has been replaced by an intuitive tab system at the top of the screen, making Football Manager’s famed depth easier to navigate and will make the game more accessible to new players.

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  • Polish: A year of polish, making the game faster, more immersive, more realistic and easier to play with better in game feedback and more advice, delivered in a more user friendly way.
  • Improved Match Engine: Improved AI, over 100 new animations in 3D mode, new stadiums and crowds, improved pitch degradations and better lighting make for the most immersive pitch-side experience ever.
  • Match Analysis: A match analysis tool that shows you where shots, passes, crosses, headers, tackles, fouls and interceptions have been made on the field for both teams. See this analysis both live in game, and post match, allowing you to pinpoint the weaknesses and strengths of both your team and your opponents.
  • New User Interface: A completely new vibrant look and feel to the game, plus a navigational overhaul. The side menu is replaced by an intuitive tab system, based on extensive consumer feedback and usability studies, which allows you to access all areas of FM 2010 quickly and easily.
  • Tactical Overhaul: A new tactics module makes it much easier to make your team play as you want them to. There are thousands of possible pre-set options and touchline “shout” instructions for making instant changes to your teams playing style. Don’t worry; the old system is still there for people who love their sliders.
  • News Center: A subscription based newspaper. Get the news about the football world around you that you want, and not the news you don’t want.
  • New Data Editor: Including a brand new Competition Editor allowing you to add competitions and extra levels for leagues currently in the game, and add completely new competitions and leagues all via a very simple to use editor. Plus, the new editor allows you to keep your game up to date more easily than ever before.

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    where to type a cheat? FootballManager2010 PC
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    I love the demo! FootballManager2010 PC
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