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This game is really an interactive movie and is pretty unique for it. You follow the adventure of a man who has been shot down over a Jungle after being on the run. When he comes to he can't remember anything about who he is. Your mission is to try and help him recover his memory by travelling to various places and talking to people. Only by doing this will you find out the truth behind who you are and who wants you dead...


  • Play the game that was dubbed best selling French game of all time by the Guinness World Records.
  • Play the game as if you were in the movie.
  • The game is held in the future, experience hand drawn backdrops that make the game excellent from an artists point of view.
  • Help Conrad B. Hart attempt to recover his lost memory to save the world.
  • Fight off Aliens who threaten to take over the world.

The rumors were true, action/adventure platformer Flashback is being re-imagine-eered by a team if the... posted Apr 11, 13 8:48am

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8/10. FlashbackTheQuestForIdentity SNES
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