As shepherd Caril tries to protect a fleeing girl from mysterious persecutors, he comes to witness unbelievable powers emerging from the woman, repelling her pursuers.

On the run, Caril learns that this girl, named Dawn, has been experiencing these powers for many years now, unable to control them in times of emotional stress. As they approach a nearby town, the two will soon learn that Dawn is not the only one …

Shunned by peasants and chased by mysterious men, they travel the lands of Kalea, looking for answers and meeting new friends. Guide the two and up to five companions on a fantastic adventure through ancient ruins, gloomy woods and hidden cities to unravel the mystery of a past long forgotten and discover the source of arcane powers.

Game Play

Fantastic open world exploration meets a unique magic system and fast turn-based combat.


Explore an open world full of mysteries and adventure in multiple nonlinear storylines

Experience a unique magic system with an emotional approach in a world whose magical forces just awakened

During your journeys, have three companions out of a range of seven complex player characters join your party

Join in-group interactions and social involvement among your party members

Hardware Info

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