City of Steam, a full-featured, browser-based 3D MMORPG, transports
players to Nexus, an industrial metropolis that has fallen from grace.

Emerging from the ashes of ages past, heroes versed in swordplay, divine
harmonies, and the arcane arts seek their fortune in a world beset by
countless foes, from dangerous factions to mechanical horrors. This is a
world where wondrous feats of industry and technology are front and center.

No dragon-rides here.
If anyone in Nexus lives in a tree, it’s because they’re crazy.

Game Play


Graphics! Sets a new audiovisual standard for browser gaming
  1. Lightweight! Play from any computer without bulky client installation
  2. Big World! Tiny Footprint! Intricate, immersive scenes take up mere megabytes
  3. Gameplay! Hardcore or casual, ten minutes or ten hours
  4. Teamwork! Go it alone or adventure with friends
  5. Flavor! Even the smallest detail is suffused with the history of an ancient world
  6. Customization! Augment weaponry with visible components
  7. Abilities! Each class wields a unique array of stunning combat effects
  8. Backgrounds! Each character has a personal history to explore
  9. Monsters! An extensive bestiary balances raw power with intelligent tactics

Hardware Info

OS: Windows or Mac
Browser: IE, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.
CPU: Dual Core is preferred
Graphics: Requires a graphics card
Latency: Under 0.3 seconds is excellent
Other: App for iPhone, iPad, &
Android platforms in development

Say what you will about Steam's Greenlight service, no one's arguing it doesn't have its flaws. Still, every... posted Apr 17, 13 1:17pm

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