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Black & White: Creature Isles is the expansion pack for Black & White. Your creature must earn his membership into the Brotherhood of Eve, and earn Eve's heart. In addition, your creature must learn to raise an offspring through example. New game features include smarter creatures and streamlinded gameplay in single and multiplayer modes.


  • Two new creatures - the sharp-toothed Crocodile and the mighty horned Rhinoceros.
  • An apprentice for your Creature - Teach the little tyke well and he will help your Creature grow in strength.
  • New Creature skills - Learn to bowl, play soccer, build a home, and more.
  • Divine new miracles - Cancel All Other Miracles provides defense, while Speed offers a competitive advantage.
  • New Creature trials - Complete challenges of the Brotherhood, including Creature Racing, Dojo Combat, Tiger Cannon, and the King of the Castle.
  • Find love for your Creature - Complete Eve's labors of love to win her heart.
Aug 19, 06 1:15pm
Creature Bowling BlackandWhiteCreatureIsles PC
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