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Three of the most ferocious species in the universe are pitted against one another in a battle for the ultimate prize: survival. Choose to be a Colonial Marine, a Predator, or an Alien (each with different strengths, weapons, physical abilities and objectives) and make your way through over 40 different levels in environments. The Millenium Expansion pack features 9 new levels, and new Marine weapons.


  • Play 3 different species: each with different strengths, weapons, physical abilities and objectives
  • Over 40 different levels in environments including spaceships, alien Temples and underground caverns
  • Deformable environments: scorch walls and surroundings with a flame thrower and write your name on the wall with a pulse rifle
  • 10 multiplayer modes which include: species war, co-op, deathmatch, tag, and more
  • Particles and dynamic systems: stunningly real smoke, steam, sparks, fire and muzzle flashes throw a grenade in the water and watch the splash
  • Hyper Advanced Artificial Intelligence: Regardless of your species, you will be stalked by intelligent opponents that randomize in the environment
  • Total freedom of movement: look up and down, jump, crouch and climb
  • Dynamic lighting: shoot out lights and the world plunges into darkness, fire a flare down a corridor and see it light up the walls as it goes
  • Full physics model: objects can bounce and spin.

Editor's Note:

Original PC game developed by Fox Interactive.

Added on: September 04, 2001

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