Wasteland 2 is the official sequel to Interplay's post-apocalyptic CRPG originally released in 1988 and said to be the precursor to the critically acclaimed Fallout series. Produced by InXile Entertainment following a successful crowdfunding campaign, Wasteland 2 takes place fifteen years after the original game. The player is a rookie Desert Ranger tasked with investigating the mysterious murder of a fellow ranger, and helping complete his original mission.

Players create their own character and form a squad of rangers to explore the wastelands of southwestern America following its devastation as a result of a global nuclear war that occurred before the events of the original 1988 game. The characters will interact with a variety of NPCs and engage in turn-based tactical combat against hostile forces. Players can control all squad members in combat, customizing and upgrading each member to perform a variety of actions.

Wasteland 2 retains the original game's multi-path approach to progression, allowing players to choose different ways to overcome various obstacles, each with their own short- or long-term consequences to enhance immersion and replay value.

Originally released for the PC in 2014, Wasteland 2 will be ported to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One home consoles in October 2015. This "Director's Cut" edition (available as a free download for PC players) features a brand new game engine for overhauled graphics with improved in-game models, a refined combat system, new character customization options in the form of "Perks" and "Traits", and more.

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