You are a marine posted at the Union Aerospace Corporation Mars Base for security ...

You are soon one of the only human survivors. The Aerospace Corportation has been doing high study research into teleportation and something has gone wrong somewhere along the line with their scientific tampering. With hellish demons, zombies and even fireball throwing imps roaming wildly around the base. Dangerous Dr. Betruger has opened up a portal to a hell like dimension with the intent of transporting them to Earth. Go through hell and back because you are the only one who can stop it.


The game is a shooter, so, the player has to shoot every enemy that is attacking him. He can also interact with his environment by pushing boxes, using computers or panels for opening doors or activating anything. The player can also speak with survivors, even kill them when they're not required to do something specific. The PDA is also used for getting information about the previous days, about codes for opening cabinets or doors or for getting authorization access.
Decided to give the game another go. Glad I did now. Doom3 Xbox
Peter Wagg owns Doom 3
Anyone would think the developers lost all interest after the first few levels. Doom3 PC
So far I'm somewhat bored but I'm giving it a fair go. Doom3 PC
One of the scariest games of all time Doom3 PC
very fun and scary game, i really liked it Doom3 PC
This game scared the shit out of me sometimes D: I was so happy whe I finally completed it XD! Doom3 PC
cool when you first play it, boring after a while cuz the gameplay is repetative Doom3 PC
Underrated, scarey, vg gfx and a storyline to boot Doom3 PC
The ultimate FPS. If you don't own it yet, GET IT. Doom3 PC
Cant use a gan and a flashlight at the same time? Duckt tape much? Doom3 PC
great game, but not really as 'doom' as it could be Doom3 PC
One Of Best Xbox Games Doom3 PC
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