Zero Wing has you piloting a "Zig" aircraft through 8 levels of side-scrolling action. Power ups are available to help you combat the swarms of enemy invaders so be sure to pick them up. But by far the best known thing about this game is that it is where the infamous "All your base are belong to us" quote lies. Get a piece of history when you play this game.


Like any other side-scrolling shooter of the time, your ship can move in 8 different directions; up, down, left, right and the diagonals. You will normally have a pod above and below you that mimics your firing as well as absorbing any attacks that come their way. Your weapons will get upgraded if you pick up a powerup but only if it matches the colour of the weapon you are using at the time.


  • 3 different weapons with 3 normal different power levels
  • A secret 4th level for each weapon which is far more powerful
  • Several levels in different environments
  • All your base are belong to us
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If you've heard of this game it's likely because of the famous "All your base are...

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