Toejam and Earl, aliens from the planet Funkotron, have crashed on Earth smashing their rocket ship to pieces. You must scour over 25 levels in search of the broken pieces of your ship to get you back to your funky planet. Along the way you must escape the crazy earthlings out to harm you and resist the allure of the noxious Hula Girls. Presents and money are strewn all over earth to aid you in your escape of this square and unhappening planet.
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As it was foretold, my child, ToeJam & Earl and its sequel have both arrived on PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE... posted Nov 07, 12 7:21am

If you were a 90s Genesis kid like myself, you surely remember the open world random adventure that is ToeJam &... posted Oct 10, 12 7:48am

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The craziest game I think I will EVER play. ToeJamandEarl GENESIS
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