As the fastest gun in the West, you're held in high regard by the Dodge City Undertaker's Union. But in SUNSET RIDERS, your marksmanship is about to be put to the test by some of the most ruthless outlaws you've ever seen. You'll have to make your way through seven intense levels of shootouts, holdups, and showdowns as you seek to defend your title as the fastest draw in the land. Tracking down stagecoach bandits, catching up with train robbers, and hunting down the infamous Hank Hatfield are on the menu, and the lead will be flying non-stop. Along the way, look for power-ups and special weapons that will give you the advantage making your job easier. If you think you're quick on the draw, then you owe it to yourself to get SUNSET RIDERS.


  • Work your way up to be the fastest gun in the west in this awesome shooter.
  • Seven levels of shooting action
  • Face all kinds of bandits, outlaws, and desperadoes, that are trying to stop you from becoming the best.
  • Find power-ups and special weapons, to shoot out your enemies.
  • Play by yourself or with a friend, makes for great co-op.

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