Sonic 3D Blast Own / Want List

Username Comments
OmegaFalcon Good game.
Just a Shadow None
Master of the VG None
cbjones None
Inuyasha64 need to beat it
ruingliff4 None
Asch None
Stem Cell None
Neon the Chao None
DHZ Wanzer Pilot None
DougDanmana I never thought i see a sonic game so bad
Riley89 None
longview01 None
ThongomanHalo2 None
Final Blade None
SpartanAB25 None
der_uber_owner None
juggernautdp None
Mr game man None
gimmeshelter70 Not too fond of this one, but it was all right.
ProtoHero7 None
Chile69 None
yugioh master 999 None
MarioGamer None
kalasking None
Leon745 None
CrimsonDramon None
Xeroxed None
Pidgey Milkplus None
ndsreviewerguy None
ChaosX None
beboto None
Anonymous Reborn None
princessblaze320 None
rayquaza1999 None
chomp103 None
Isis1 None
Bubby68 None
Phil68 fully beat not very fun
MilkyPink None
tyfoon555 None
FrostyGC None
GBoy None
pokemonfan102 None
Kristin Estep None
nightn None
omegamustard None
Cobradabeast None