: : : : Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master


Neo Zeed is back and more powerful than ever before. Joe Mushai, also known as the Shinobi, must break his silence and return to the front lines in order to defeat this foe once and for all.


Side scrolling platformer with many types of enemies and bosses. Lift levels as well as "forced scrolling" levels, where you're constantly going forwards at a set speed, compliment the usual levels.


  • Use the power of Ninjitsu to augment your abilities or destroy your enemies
  • 4 different types of Ninjitsu, two that cause massive damage to all enemies on screen, one that increases your jumping height and one that makes you invincible for 4 hits
  • The ability to wall hike to reach hidden places and pass certain obsticles, cling onto overhead rails and ceilings as well as a deadly ninja kick from the air
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