Everybody's favorite cyborg cop returns in ROBOCOP 3. The OCP has deployed Rehab Officers to wipe out Old Detroit in preparation for the erection of Delta City. Now it's up to RoboCop to join the fight against the Rehabs and save Detroit from total destruction. As RoboCop, you have a newly redesigned suit, which includes a multi-weapon arm attachment that has a large-bore cannon and a smart bomb, as you take to the streets and make Detroit safe again. You'll face hordes of ED-209s, tanks, heavy artillery, and OCP's newest weapon: OTOMO. The entire city is counting on you, RoboCop, to clean up the streets and restore order.


  • You play as RoboCop
  • New arm attachment with awesome weapons
  • Face off against OCP's newest weapon, OTOMO
  • Take out hordes of enemies
  • Based on the hit movie
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