It's back, folks. The combative motorcycle racing game that's spawned countless knockoffs returns to action in this, the third installment of the classic series. Collect weapons and use them to knock your opponents of their cycles! Take your pick from 15 different bikes, and then earn cash to upgrade your parts. You can even turn your friends in to the repo guy to help save yourself from defeat. There are seven weapons working for and against you throughout the game, including mace, chains, and nunchakus. You'll even have a police force after you that's hell-bent on stopping your progress. Race through the expanses of seven countries, including: the UK, Kenya, Italy, Japan, Germany, Australia, and Brazil. Are you tough enough to take this kind of heat? You'll find out…


• Seven countries worth of play.
• 15 vehicles.
• Seven weapons.
• A nasty police force.
• Two-player action.

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