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Product Wiki Description: Relive the American Revolution with this game. By taking the role of George Washington you control the country. By trying to raise money to build forts, make weapons and supply new troops your aim is to conquer the land. You can even take the battle to sea and use a Navy. If America isn't your thing then you can take the role of Thomas Gage and battle using the British Army submit new
Release Date (North America):Sep 28, 1992 submit new
Release Date (Europe):none submitted submit new
Release Date (Japan):none submitted submit new
Release Date (Australia):none submitted submit new
Perspective:Top Down,Third Person submit new
Themes:Military, Historical submit new
Publisher:Koei submit new
Developer:Koei submit new
Online Co-op: submit new
Offline Co-op: submit new
Online Multiplayer: submit new
Offline Multiplayer: submit new
Product official URL: submit new
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