Eons ago, evil King Nole tyrannized the mythical island of Melcatle. With an insatiable greed for power and wealth, he crushed the people with heavy taxes while destroying their freedom. At last, in fury, the enslaved citizens stormed the palace. But King Nole was gone! And with him, the vast treasure, stolen from his subjects!

Now Nigel, the Landstalker, journeys to this fantastic realm in search of the legendary fortune and power to reunite a divided kingdom!



Action, adventure and mystery in a fabulous land of strange beasts and stranger characters!

As the Landstalker, you will need to solve complex puzzles, defeat an army of evil creatures, and collect treasure, magical items, and weapons, to reach the evil King Nole. Landstalker uses a ¾ overview that makes the adventure even more challenging and fun.


• Intricate mazes and puzzles lead you deep into the towns, forests and underground caverns of the island, and closer to the secret of King Nole's treasure!
• Unique elevated ¾ overview of the mysterious surroundings!
• Incredible 3-D graphics created by the all new Diamond Dimension System!
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