Not long after the devastating reign of the wicked Death Adder, another evil arose. Dark Guld and his minions invaded and took hold of the prized Golden Axe with plans to destroy it. Once again, as a fierce barbarian named Ax-Battler, a fearless female Amazon known as Tyris-Flare or a ferocious dwarf named Gilius Thunderhead, you will wield steely swords and powerful magic in an all-out war to recover the sword. Once you slash your way through the six side-scrolling levels, you'll get the chance to defeat Dark Guld once and for all.


From a side on perspective you travel from left to right in a side-scrolling adventure. Each character can do various standing attacks with their sword or axe as well as running and jumping attacks. The other method of attacking on their own is by using their special magic attack which deals massive damage. You can also ride various animals which can do powerful attacks and also protect you from all damage when you are hit once.


  • The 3 characters from the original return
  • More enemies and different beasts to ride
  • Use a mix of might and magic to defeat the enemies in your path
  • Action for one or two players
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Golden Axe II was the sequel to the arcade hit Golden Axe. You play as Ax-Battler the...

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