Several hundred years from now there is no war, no poverty, no conflict, things are practically perfect and thus the need for weapons does not exist any more. But this makes Earth an easy target for evil aliens, so a system was set up to re-train Humans to be able to defend themselves if they were ever attacked. But the system malfunctioned and trapped a trio inside, you now have to get them out and back to safety.


You can move your character in 8 different directions; up, down, left, right and the diagonals and you can also attack in those directions too. Each character has 2 attacks, one attack that can be fired in any direction and another attack which may be limited by direction, white arrows at the picture of your character indicate which direction the attack can be used.


  • Based on the arcade hit of the same name
  • Three initial characters to choose from
  • Over a dozen extra characters to recruit
  • Action for one or two players
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