It's a Cat eat Bird world in this game. Your mission is to lead stranded Chirps to the exit of the level avoiding Tigger the cat and Iggy the lizard. The longer the chain of Chirps you get to the exit the more points you get, but your foes can cut the chain off. Throw items at them to slow them down to help your cause


• You're Flicky the Bluebird
• You're up against Tigger the cat and Iggy the lizard
• Fling items at your enemies to slow them down
• Work your way through the mazes collecting Chirps
• Save the Chirps by getting them to the doo
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  • Genre: Arcade
  • Perspective(s): Flat side view
  • Developer: Sega
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Released
    North AmericaMay 1, 1991
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