The classic board game Clue has come to the video game world. Somebody on an estate mansion has been murdered and it's your job to investigate and find out who did it. You'll have to uncover clues and work out where they lead you. If you're confident enough that you know who the culprit is then you can guess, if you're right the scene will be acted out for you. You can sleuth away with computers or 5 other people for hours of fun.


  • Play the real life board game on your Super Nintendo.
  • Choose from Five Diffuculties, ranging from Amateur to Detective.
  • Play with up to 3-6 characters, don't have anyone over to play with you? No problem, just plug in some computer controlled characters.
  • Suggestion-Inquisition-Accusation system is a new add-on to the original clue, and is a great new twist to the original gameplay.
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