The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Websites

Mar 30, 2001
A fansite for Zelda news and updates.
The Fairytale of Hyrule
Mar 04, 2003 By: DarkLink
Still under construction. But still pretty cool.
Aug 20, 2004 By: Terminal
This is a fansite dedicated to the Zelda series.
The Master Sword
Jul 14, 2003 By: WolverineFan03265
This site has loads of information on all Zelda games.
Zelda Central
Aug 20, 2004 By: Terminal
A website that contains tons of information about The WindWaker and the rest of the series.
Zelda GameCube
Jul 30, 2002 By: nintendofire
Tons of Zelda GameCube coverage including news, screenshots, movies, faqs, info and more!
Zelda Legends
Nov 07, 2004 By: Terminal
A great website for all Zelda fans!
May 29, 2003 By: RCT2FREAK
Chat room and faq site full of stuff for all of the Zelda games. Check it out!