The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Completed

Username Completion Date Achievements
Alarios May 12, 2014 None
KurtisTrent Jul 20, 2011 None
eightbitgirl May 1, 2011 None
Ecto5 Aug 12, 2010 None
Zancho_Red Jun 13, 2010 None
Anastrianna May 30, 2010 I spent seven years on this, starting when I was five years old.
ShadowNc Apr 3, 2010 None
Trev_GFC Nov 11, 2009 None
Ephriokko Jan 1, 2009 None
CoolCatt14 Aug 14, 2007 This is the first time I beat it. Now I have beat it about 4 times and can beat it in 5 hours. Only took me so long cause I would fool around and do some stupid stuff. LOL
Quill Jul 30, 2007 Best game ive played WW rules!
Lightnic May 22, 2007 None
sweep Mar 14, 2007 None
frozendragon Dec 15, 2006 wooot beat the main thing in 7 hrs
leon scott kennidy Apr 26, 2006 awsome game graphics suck
Deathaz_Angle Apr 2, 2006 None
BananaMonkey123 Feb 2, 2006 Unlocked figures and special play. All bottles
Knukles Da Echidna Jan 1, 2006 None
maisey Jan 1, 2006 all the figurines all charts all chests all heart pieces Including Knuckles, Tingles brother his mini games and figure
Machewman Jan 1, 2006 None
Kingy Jan 1, 2006 None
LyallAurion Oct 1, 2005 None
Dragon Warrior1 Oct 1, 2005 None
Zodiark199 Aug 18, 2005 18 hearts
Arietta Jun 19, 2005 It is a great game, I finished it 100% with all.
BlueFlameBob Jan 1, 2005 None
Fallen Master Jan 1, 2005 None
Relient K Jan 1, 2005 None
Crystal Creation Jan 1, 2005 None
Twilight_Link Jan 1, 2005 I have no idea when i got this game, so just put in 2005:) I also completed this game, and again, i didnt complete it 100% I defeated Gannon, (with ease:D) and completed around 15 hearts (not sure)
Legender93 Jan 1, 2005 None
SuperKrauser Jan 1, 2005 i beat it 99.99% all i need is the blue potion from the blue chu jelly.
Hell Fire Dec 1, 2004 Score: 7.4/10
Zez Oct 10, 2004 Beat game. Got almost all heart pieces. All upgrades.
mcr_fan321 May 15, 2004 Easy to complete. Yet still a good game.
Zhan Dathka May 12, 2004 Achievements: Link's Pajamas, Aryll's Skull Dress, Colored Picto Box
luffyluffy Jan 12, 2004 None
RpgGuru Jan 1, 2004 None
BZF Jan 1, 2004 Have everything, but still need several heart pieces
Secret Soul Jan 1, 2004 None
Lolopop Nov 25, 2003 Everything, Including Withered Tree Quest :D.
Lord Of Twilight Nov 20, 2003 All Hearts, All Sidequests (Including the withered tree quest ^_^) all bottles and all dungeons beat.
Lesley Pro_04 Jun 15, 2003 Got this game at a local pawn shop for $15 instead of paying $49.88 at Wal-Mart. It paid off, as I had a lot of fun with this game, and would play it again. One of the most unique challenges presented in this game (and one of my favorites) is the second quest, and with it, a color pictograph box, allowing gamers to take pictures and turn them in to the figurine maker. The real challenge is in getting all the figurines. Haven't got them all yet; this would be a great accomplishment. Completed game with 20 hearts and zero lives lost.
I_AM_BATMAN_01 Apr 1, 2003 None
wHiTeShAdOwS Mar 15, 2003 None
tetratrax Jan 1, 2003 The game seemed to go by pretty I was glad when it went right into the Second Quest after I beat it the first time. :)
VercettiEstate Jan 1, 2003 None
Gameplay Jan 1, 2003 Finished Game Found All Items Complted All Side-Quests
tjprettyman Jan 1, 2003 None
Glitzville Jan 1, 2002 None