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Based on the anime series of the same name, Zatch Bell features a duel-based battle system interspersed with card collecting, and features original voices from the English dub. The premise dictates that every 100 years, 100 Mamonos descend upon the Earth to battle over who becomes King of the Mamono world. Problem is, in order for their spells to work, they need human partners. Do Zatch and Kiyo have what it takes to defeat their opponents and bring home the ultimate title?

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This is an Ok game, not the best there is. ZatchBellMamodoBattles GC
Nov 28, 07 5:52am
Not for Sale. ZatchBellMamodoBattles GC
Zatch Girl
Dec 10, 05 1:53am
Great game! ^-^ ZatchBellMamodoBattles GC
Link of Deity
Oct 21, 05 9:42am
added a cheat
Zatch Girl
Oct 20, 05 12:43pm
great game! ZatchBellMamodoBattles GC
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Oct 17, 05 4:46pm
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