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Her eighteenth birthday was a disaster. Once again, she had argued with her parents, and once again she had fled to her room and buried her head under the pillow. One thing was certain - something was very definitely wrong with her world.

The legends speak of a long forgotten prophecy ...

Why should she, of all people, be the one to receive the key to ZANZARAH? The key to that mysterious world of elves, goblins, dwarves and fairies? A long, long time ago, these creatures of legend had fled for fear of burning at the stake, of inquisition and suppression by mankind. Henceforth, they lived in seclusion in a place they called Zanzarah,
their own private paradise.

... of a gleaming hero, and of perilous adventures ...

But this haven of peace is becoming more and more like a prison. Something is going very wrong, even in Zanzarah. The magic is being shaken to its foundations, and Zanzarah is threatening to plunge into chaos. The fairies, the once firm pillars of magic, are becoming uncontrollable, even beginning to fight amongst themselves. There are many rumours of gangs of sinister goblins, and a forgotten prophecy promises a single hope of saving the world of magic before it breaks apart.

... of sinister powers, strange worlds and hosts of fairies ...

Sadly, nobody can remember the exact wording of the prophecy. In these wild, disruptive times, the border line between good and evil is becoming increasingly blurred.

... but they say nothing of a girl with more heart than muscle ...

Her fate seems to be strangely linked to the events in ZANZARAH, and so she must discover her calling to make the best of both worlds ...

... but then, even legends can sometimes be wrong.


  • Rich and fantastical game world
  • A seemingly ordinary 18-year-old girl with tremendous magical powers
  • Unique combat system collect and organise fairies into combat for use in magic duels
  • Unique female lead – no guns, no shorts and no tight tops
  • Lush 3D graphics
  • Non-destructive combat system
  • All fights are magical duels
  • Pokemon-style combat system

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