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Average Review Score: 9.3/10

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Viewtiful Joe Reviews

website score publish date article quality 9.1/10 Oct 24 '03
GameDaily 10/10 Dec 31 '03
NZGamer 89% May 03 '04
PlayTM 92% Dec 09 '03
Solinari Gaming 94% Oct 13 '03
Game Critics 9.0/10 Oct 08 '03
Game Revolution A- Oct 10 '03
Gamer's Hell 9.6/10 Oct 21 '03
GameSpot 9.2/10 Oct 06 '03
Gamespy 5/5 Oct 08 '03
IGN GameCube 9.5/10 Oct 03 '03
OC Prices  --- Nov 04 '03
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Viewtiful Joe Previews

website publish date article rating
IGN GameCube Jan 16 '03
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Game Revolution on

"This side-scrolling action game plays almost as good as it looks...and it looks simply amazing. Gorgeous, stylish graphics, great gameplay and some supercool effects put the ‘V’ on its chest,..."

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Gamer's Hell on

"It always fascinates me that the most basic games often offer the greatest fun. Theoretically Viewtiful Joe is “nothing” but a basic (it is not even in real 3D) Jump’n’Run with a few new ideas. Yet..."

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GameSpot on

"Viewtiful Joe deftly delivers a fantastic look while also adding a really great series of unique gameplay twists that make it much, much better than the average side-scrolling action game."

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IGN GameCube on

"Viewtiful Joe has gone from being an interesting novelty to one of, if not my most anticipated game, period."

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IGN GameCube on

"One of GameCube's finest. GCN owners absolutely need to buy own this one. And if you're not yet a GameCube owner, VJ is reason enough to become one."

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