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As the Superhero Joe, you must rescue the damsel in distress from evil villains in this side-scrolling adventure. Time and control the strength of your attacks using "beautiful" flashy moves you call upon at will.


Using his visual effects 'Slow' power, Joe instantaneously slows down the action to inflict damage reminiscent of today's popular action movies. For those who prefer a lighting-speed approach, Joe executes 'Mach Speed' and his fists and feet of fury destroy enemies with incredible speed. The combination of a true comic book look, mixed with the challenge of editing action moves on the fly, set Viewtiful Joe apart from all other games on the market. Players will exclaim, "this game is 'viewtiful!'


  • Transform from ordinary Joe to the stunning superhero Viewtiful Joe.

  • Amazing Manga-styled visuals and explosive, cinematic sound effects.

  • Brain-bending mixture of out-and-out action and challenging puzzles.

  • Combine super-cool special effects like zoom and slow-mo for the first time on the GameCube.

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