: : : : : Ty the Tasmanian Tiger: Night of the Quinkan


The third adventure for the spunky Aussie tiger, Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 3 brings back many characters from the previous games to deal with a new main enemy now that Boss Cass has been defeated and locked up. This time out, Ty will face new challenges that include riding new vehicles and utilizing new and upgraded weapons. The sequel offers increased multi-player support and features several technological upgrades to bring the Australian Outback to life.


  • New customizable rang system - use opals to buy basic rang chassis to customize with Bunyip Stones for power-ups
  • All-new Bunyip upgrades, including the Shadow Beam, Nucleon Shield and Grav Grenade
  • Fly the Gunyip to fight the Quinkan in the skies, or blast through them on the ground in the new Crabmersible
  • Outback cart racing tracks are bigger and better -- Brand new tracks with a host of new powerups have been built for multi-player fun
  • Streaming level technology for large worlds of uninterrupted game play
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Awsome weapons and robots, u can control TyTheTasmanianTigerNightOfTheQuinkan Xbox
good game, a little tricky with the gunyip, but good TyTheTasmanianTigerNightOfTheQuinkan Xbox
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