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Tal'Set, 19th century warrior-brave of the Saquin nation, is transported into the mysterious Lost Land after a bitter war for survival in Mexico. The evil Lord Tyrannus ravages the Lost Land on a "Holy Mission" to purge all life from it, and Tal'Set must accept his new mission and destiny to become Turok, the Son of Stone, in order to stop him. Turok: Evolution follows in the footsteps of previous Turok games, providing single and multiplayer FPS action.


  • An epic adventure of treachery, exploration, and dinosaur hunting

  • A land of lush jungles, suspended cities, and reptile armies

  • Entirely new game engine

  • New weapons include Variable Payload Cruise Missiles and Gravity Disrupter Beams

  • Single- and multi-player modes

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Retro420 and 15 others own Turok: Evolution
even suprior to the game cube with much more animals and dinos in it an amazing experiance TurokEvolution Xbox
a game i played so much the game cube blew up its a grusome animal killing expiriance TurokEvolution Xbox
Senselessly murdering small innocent baby dinosaurs motivelessly is pretty much all you can do on this without dying. TurokEvolution PS2
not a single turok game i havent pummeled into submission. even though this one sucked balls TurokEvolution PS2
dinamonster and 5 others played Turok: Evolution
I like killing Brachiosaurus TurokEvolution PS2
Gets boring easily and has some slow-downs. TurokEvolution PS2

First off, I must admit, this is the first Turok game that I've ever played, so this...


Climbing down ladders is nearly impossible, and two separate bugs in different...


theres not much to say about turok evolution, you've played one you've played them...

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7.1 / 10
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