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Tal'Set, 19th century warrior-brave of the Saquin nation, is transported into the mysterious Lost Land after a bitter war for survival in Mexico. The evil Lord Tyrannus ravages the Lost Land on a "Holy Mission" to purge all life from it, and Tal'Set must accept his new mission and destiny to become Turok, the Son of Stone, in order to stop him. Turok: Evolution follows in the footsteps of previous Turok games, providing single and multiplayer FPS action.


  • An epic adventure of treachery, exploration, and dinosaur hunting

  • A land of lush jungles, suspended cities, and reptile armies

  • Entirely new game engine

  • New weapons include Variable Payload Cruise Missiles and Gravity Disrupter Beams

  • Single- and multi-player modes

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Retro420 and 15 others own Turok: Evolution
even suprior to the game cube with much more animals and dinos in it an amazing experiance TurokEvolution Xbox
a game i played so much the game cube blew up its a grusome animal killing expiriance TurokEvolution Xbox
Senselessly murdering small innocent baby dinosaurs motivelessly is pretty much all you can do on this without dying. TurokEvolution PS2
not a single turok game i havent pummeled into submission. even though this one sucked balls TurokEvolution PS2
dinamonster and 5 others played Turok: Evolution
I like killing Brachiosaurus TurokEvolution PS2
Gets boring easily and has some slow-downs. TurokEvolution PS2

First off, I must admit, this is the first Turok game that I've ever played, so this...


Climbing down ladders is nearly impossible, and two separate bugs in different...

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7.1 / 10
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