The PC life simulator makes its console debut. Create and control your Sims on the GCN with new level-based game play and 3D graphics. Customize your Sim's personality and appearance then move into the neighborhood. Get a job, make friends and advance through your career and life's big moments. Unlock new objects and bigger houses along the way. Meet, flirt and fight with a neighborhood full of wild characters.


  • The Sims in 3D - Explore an entirely new 3D world that harnesses the full power of the Gamecube. The controller-based interface makes controlling your Sims and creating their world a snap.

  • Level based game play – Start with just one Sim in a shack and move into bigger and better homes as you advance through life's big moments. Meet new neighbors and unlock objects along the way. You can also create your perfect Sims home in an open-ended game play mode.

  • Play The Sims with a friend - For the first time, two players can now control their own Sims in the same Sim environments. Play all new two-player games for popularity points and money. Save your house and Sims on a memory card and play them on a friends' system.

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Jul 29, 13 6:41pm
I loved this game and played it 24/7. I hated when my sims would die though. TheSims PC
Aug 03, 12 8:50am
is there any way to get the sims for pc without buying it? TheSims PC
prettyprincess1099 and 31 others own The Sims
secretsX and 6 others played The Sims
Oct 10, 11 5:37pm
It was the original sims? I think I had On Holiday, it was fun but I didn't play when my Sim died and I freaked out since I was about 6. TheSims PC
Jan 20, 11 6:27am
just started. On mimis house. Looking for some good cheats! TheSims PC
sim mad77
Jul 25, 10 11:55pm
TheSims PC
Mother Ranma
Apr 26, 09 8:01pm
added a cheat
Apr 07, 09 4:30am
The Sims 2 is better TheSims PC
Mar 29, 09 9:37am
this sucked, nothing like the PC TheSims PC
Feb 21, 09 9:22pm
bad storyline so its best to just go freely. TheSims PC
Feb 14, 09 12:38pm
cool TheSims PC
Feb 10, 09 12:43pm
Not For Sale TheSims PC
Feb 06, 09 2:44am
Okay TheSims PC
Feb 01, 09 8:27am
The people simulator on the gamecube. Not as much to do as with the PC, but still awesome. TheSims PC
gerard way owns you
Jan 31, 09 9:05am
The PC version was better, but this game is still very addictive. TheSims PC
Jan 27, 09 4:13am
added 5 new concept art
Jan 14, 09 11:47am
Get's boring after about 3 week's. TheSims PC
Jan 04, 09 3:17pm
broken! TheSims PC
Jul 23, 08 1:42pm
added a cheat
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