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Based on the hit CGI movie by Pixar of the same name, you play as the family of retired Superheroes who have been forced back into action to save the world. Each family member has a different power that you'll need to use to get past certain problems. You've got to stop Syndrome from taking over the world, destroying his army of robots along the way. A must have for fans of the film.


Take control of the entire Incredible family as you run, smash and bash your way through various puzzles and enemies from a third person point of view.


  • Action/adventure game based on the plotline of the movie
  • Play as all the film's main characters
  • Fighting, racing, and puzzle action/adventure gameplay featuring the characters' unique superpowers
  • Live the film's action, adventure, and humor over 18 levels

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Best movie ever! Edna is awesome. Seen it like 50 times. But who hasnt? TheIncredibles
4/10 boring seriously dont buy it TheIncredibles
Okay... way toooooo easy... 3 or a 5 on a good day TheIncredibles
This is a good game. TheIncredibles
Not that great, not that bad, nothing special... TheIncredibles
Pretty Good and Hilious Movie. TheIncredibles
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