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Lose control as one of the most powerful and destructive comic book characters ever - The Incredible Hulk!

Climb and jump on top of any building, turn any object into a weapon, and destroy everything in your way in this battle against time and the Hulk's inner demons! The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction is an action adventure game offering the ultimate in power, freedom, rage and destruction!

In an A-list collaboration with award-winning comic book writer Paul Jenkins, comic book artist Bryan Hitch, and an original score composed by Bill Brown and performed by the Los Angeles Orchestra, all combined with movie-quality sound effects, the game recreates the authentic Hulk universe.


In The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, players can jump anywhere, climb anything and smash everything -- even destroy entire buildings -- as the Hulk, the strongest superhero there is! Based on The Incredible Hulk character franchise from Marvel Enterprises, this non-stop action and destruction-packed game allows players to create their own Hulk-powered weapons from almost anything they can rip out of the environment, unlock new moves to battle a variety of huge enemies in epic boss fights and experience deep and varied game elements by exploring free-roaming non-mission and side mission gameplay.


  • 30+ story missions
  • 40+ side missions
  • 150 chargeable Hulk moves
  • 8 chapters
  • 6 boss battles
  • 2 main environments -- CITY and BADLANDS -- feature multiple times of day and varied weather conditions
  • ULTIMATE DESTRUCTION - Hulk smashes entire city blocks, buildings, buses and more with his bare hands!
  • THE WORLD IS YOUR WEAPON - Unique Hulk-powered ability to "weaponize" any object such as ripping a car in half to use as steel fists or smashing a bus and using it as a giant shield.
  • UNSTOPPABLE MOVEMENT - Free-roaming gameplay; run, jump, climb and rampage anywhere as the Hulk; a full playground of destruction!
  • AUTHENTIC HULK UNIVERSE - Compelling storyline written by Eisner Award-winning comic book writer Paul Jenkins (Hulk, Spider-Man), high-quality original art created by signature comic artist Bryan Hitch (The Ultimates) and movie-quality original sound effects created just for this game.
  • EPIC BATTLES - Fight a ruthless string of arch enemies that dwarf even the Hulk including the Abomination and super-sized mechs.
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