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There are many theories as to the origin of the Tetrions (the playing field in Tetris Worlds). The simple truth is that the Tetrions are the only evidence of a long since forgotten space-faring species. Tetrions are Gateways to planets orbiting distant stars. They can only be opened by an intelligent species because it works only for those who unlock the secrets of the falling Blocks. We have called the gate opening activity Tetris. And while it is the key to connecting us to distant worlds, Tetris has been found to be very addictive by all intelligent species.

The mission is to evacuate the Minos on Hadar 4 to six other planets that have been identified as suitable for terraforming. Mino scientists have discovered that their star (Hadar) has become unstable and as a result the surface of Hadar 4 will reach 5000 Kelvin's, which is well past the maximum operating temperature of the Minos. The best Mino Tetris players have been identified as the gate openers. Six Tetrinauts will be sent to the planets to open the Tetrion gates from the other side to facilitate the exodus.


One of the most popular video games ever created, Tetris® has defined puzzle gaming for over a decade on every game system. Tetris is deceptively simple, yet, completely addictive. Small shapes called Tetraminoes fall from the top of the Playfield to the bottom. Players must rotate the Tetraminoes as they fall and fit them together to complete lines. When the player fills an entire line with blocks, that line is removed from the screen. If the player cannot complete lines, the blocks will eventually rise past the top of the screen and the game ends. Sound easy? Once you start, you can't stop.


  • The most popular puzzle game comes to next generation platforms with a new look and new variations

  • Six variations of Tetris gameplay

  • Easy to pick up without instruction

  • See the worlds evolve as you clear each level

  • 1-4 players

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