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The Suffering is a horror action adventure set in Abbott State Penitentiary, a maximum security prison overrun by demonic forces. The player becomes inmate Torque and must battle against gruesome foes and bosses in nine levels in hopes of escaping the island alive. Torque will encounter fellow criminals along the way and what he chooses to do with them might shape the truth behind his actions in one of three endings.

Torque will fight off demonic enemies (with creature designs from late Hollywood special effects creator Stan Winston) using 10 different weapons he find scattered throughout levels. Torque will eventually learn how to "transform" into a powerful creature himself once he builds enough "insanity" through combat. While powerful, this form will gradually damage Torque as well to the point of death.

Though compared to survival horror titles (a popular genre for gaming at time of release), The Suffering places great emphasis on action.

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nasty nappa
Jun 18, 11 5:43am
if your into blood and guts and awsome monsters this is the game for you TheSuffering Xbox
Jul 20, 10 10:01pm
great story TheSuffering PS2
Apr 23, 09 7:45am
cool and messed up in the head! vato loco way! TheSuffering PS2
Feb 01, 09 8:27am
Amazing horror game. Fast paced, creepy, and fun as hell. TheSuffering PS2
May 17, 06 4:16pm
Excellent Game! TheSuffering PS2
May 25, 04 9:54pm
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