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Several years after disaster was narrowly averted on Dinosaur Planet, Lylat Central Command detects a new threat spreading throughout the galaxy. The Star Fox team is sent in to eradicate this growing menace, but what begins as a standard combat mission quickly takes a dramatic turn. Legendary team members Fox McCloud, Slippy Toad, Peppy Hare and Falco Lombardi join forces to form the most formidable team in the history of this celebrated series: the Star Fox armada


Switch between flying an Arwing, driving a Landmaster Tank or engaging the enemy on foot as you battle through areas swarming with merciless enemies


  • Soar through space and attack an armada of strike fighters in your Arwing

  • Roll over hostile terrain in a heavily-armored Landmaster Tank, or bring the hurt to the enemy on foot
  • Play missions solo, join the fight with up to three other players, or engage in four-player split screen battles
  • Play wingman to another player, riding on the wing of the Arwing or side of the Landmaster Tank, and blast enemies while the pilot controls the vehicle

  • Powerful weapons including automatic blasters, sniper rifles, and shoulder-launched rockets

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    Editor's Note:

    Tentative title, subject to change. Previously known as "Star Fox Armada".

    Added on: November 15, 2002

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    Aug 29, 10 9:12am
    GREAT GAME StarFoxAssault GC
    Apr 20, 10 7:30am
    Technically I cheated getting 100%. My friends brought over their memory card and they copied it over. StarFoxAssault GC
    Jan 08, 10 10:46am
    This game should be remastered for Wii. StarFoxAssault GC
    Jan 25, 09 5:05am
    its really ok StarFoxAssault GC
    Mr Cheater
    Jan 19, 09 8:13am
    Very FUN!!! StarFoxAssault GC
    Dec 15, 08 10:57pm
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    Aug 14, 08 8:41am
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    Jaw Knee
    Aug 11, 07 3:42pm
    6/10 StarFoxAssault GC
    Jul 11, 07 3:32pm
    Extremely fun on multiplayer! StarFoxAssault GC
    Nov 06, 06 5:38pm
    added a cheat
    Sep 22, 06 2:30am
    added a cheat
    Twlight Prince
    Aug 21, 06 2:42am
    I love this game so I'm not gonna trade or sell... unless for a better game.... StarFoxAssault GC
    Aug 06, 06 10:26pm
    added a cheat
    Feb 19, 06 11:51am
    9.50\100 StarFoxAssault GC
    Jan 08, 06 4:43pm
    Underrated, a fantastic game atleast in my opinion. StarFoxAssault GC
    Star Falco
    Jan 02, 06 12:40pm
    added a cheat
    Shadow Kirby
    Oct 01, 05 1:01am
    best seller StarFoxAssault GC
    Rainbow Jinjo
    Sep 29, 05 7:01am
    Awesome StarFoxAssault GC
    • Genre: Space (GC)
    • Theme(s): Sci-Fi (Futuristic)
    • Perspective(s): Third Person
    • Developer: Namco
    • Publisher: Nintendo
    • Released
      North AmericaFeb 15, 2005
      EuropeApr 28, 2005
      JapanFeb 24, 2005
      AustraliaJun 22, 2005
    • Player Info:
    • Offline Multi-player (2-4)
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    7.3 / 10
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