Star Fox Adventures Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 7.5/10

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Star Fox Adventures Reviews

website score publish date
Gamecube Europe 7.2/10 Jan 05 '03
Retro Nintendo Life 7/10 Jan 06 '06
Retro Nintendo Life 8/10 Jan 02 '06
Thunderbolt 6/10 Apr 04 '05
Game Revolution B- Oct 07 '02
Gamespot 8.3/10 Sep 25 '02
Gamespy 82/100 Sep 25 '02
IGN GameCube 9.0/10 Sep 23 '02
netjak 79% Sep 25 '02
Nintendo World Report 8/10 Sep 26 '02
Nintendo World Report 8/10 Sep 26 '02
Solinari Gaming 5.7/10.0 Oct 01 '02
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Star Fox Adventures Previews

website publish date
IGN GameCube Feb 28 '02
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Game Revolution on Oct 08 '02

"Fox McCloud returns for yet another showdown with his evil nemesis Andross in this Gamecube exclusive. Great graphics and varied gameplay make for a solid return, but the mish-mash of a story and..."

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IGN GameCube on Mar 26 '01

"The game's fabulously huge environments overflow with vivid detail, and the quest promises to be just as gargantuan as the planet itself. With play mechanics similar to that of Miyamoto's..."

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IGN GameCube on Sep 24 '02

"Star Fox Adventures arrives as a truly excellent 3D action-adventure for GameCube owners. It's a clear Zelda rip, and not quite as good, but that's okay in my book as Rare has still done a pretty..."

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